Hearst Newspapers will test pay-per-article technology on five of its publications, reports DigitalNewsDaily, which added that the platform from SolidOpinion “also enables advertisers to hand-select the articles they want their advertisements to serve near. The service will focus on breaking news.

“The text-based ad, called a Promoted Headline, serves up directly above the breaking news headline.

“Advertisers pick the keywords and set the type of breaking news topics. The brand then bids on a specific topic and location. Once an article on that topic publishes in the specific section, the ad will serve up directly above the headline in the online publication, explains Fergal Carr, senior vice president of consumer product at Hearst Newspapers.

“In the past, advertisers would bid on a page — for example, the home page — without knowing the types of articles that will appear. This type of bidding cannot ensure that a specific type of consumer will view the ad.”

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