WUSA morning meteorologist Howard Bernstein has left the Washington, D.C., CBS affiliate.  Bernstein, who worked at WVUE in New Orleans, KOCO in Oklahoma City and WUHF in Rochester, NY, before joining WUSA in 2000, says he doesn’t know what’s next for him.

Bernstein wrote on Facebook:


Check out HB’s on-air goodbye.

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  1. M.A. Wright

    WHY DID HOWARD BERNSTEIN LEAVE WUSA9? He was extremely accurate in his forecasts; extremely professional and a pleasure to watch. He will be greatly missed!

      • Barry Cornwall

        You will be greatly missed. I wish you well in the future. Don’t forget about your DC fans and friends

      • Betty Garret

        I will miss Howard Bernstein. He is much better and more knowledgeable than the two they have on the 12:00 news now. Best of luck to you Howard!

  2. Susan Rogers

    Why would he leave after 20 years with out another job, what is going on with channel 9 news with all these great people leaving, maybe the people who use to like watching this channel 9 news and the people who were on it leave would that make a difference. DON’T think so seems like channel 9 doesn’t care about anyone


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