Greg Beyer, an editor at the Huffington Post, sent an email to colleagues on Friday explaining why he passed on a pitch from a reporter who flagged a New York Times story about Uber. He had cited a company partnership with Uber as a rational for rejecting the pitch, reports Ad Age.

The Ad Age article, in part, also stated:

“Mr. Beyer’s email telling a reporter to “hold on this one please as we’re partnering with Uber on our drowsy driving campaign” was reported Thursday by Washington Post media blogger Erik Wemple.

“The Huffington Post said Wednesday that Editor in Chief Arianna Huffington was joining Uber’s board of directors. The revelation a day later of Mr. Beyer’s email seemed to undermine the Huffington Post’s argument that its newsroom could still cover Uber impartially.

“Mr. Beyer apologized via Twitter on Thursday but went further in his email, which was obtained by Ad Age, and explained why he responded the way he did. He apologized for the decision, and said that he was in no way influenced by any other actors in making it.”

You can read his email here.

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