D.C.-based ICX Media raised $2.5M in its seed financing round to build a content distribution and data platform for independent video creators, brands and media companies.  ICX Media is currently in private beta with numerous amateur and professional independent content creators.

ICX Media is led by a team of digital media veterans, including founders Michael Avon, Tom MacIsaac, Steven McCord and Joey McCord.  Avon, CEO and chairman, is also a venture partner at ABS Capital Partners and is formerly CFO and executive vice president at Millennial Media. MacIsaac was previously CEO at Verve Mobile, Extend Media and Lightningcast. Steven McCord, chief technology officer, and Joey McCord, chief product officer, previously led technology and product, respectively, at Millennial Media.

ICX Media is building an on-demand platform to serve the needs of amateur and professional independent content creators, as well as media companies and brands. For independent video creators, the ICX Media platform simplifies the process of producing, distributing and marketing digital video content, helping creators find larger audiences for their videos and, ultimately, make more money from their content.  For media companies and brands, the platform enables more efficient sourcing, licensing and distribution of compelling digital video content produced by independent creators.  The company’s sophisticated data analytics engine uses machine learning to match specific content to audiences, enabling more precise marketing and stronger monetization for quality content.


(Left to right in photo:  Mike Avon, Joey McCord, Tom MacIsaac, Steven McCord)

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