For communicators, these are challenging and changing times. As we enter 2016, what factors and trends are shaping the communications landscape? And, what’s in store for area communicators this year?

Paul Duning, publisher, of Capitol Communicator, (left in photo) and Phil Rabin, editor, (right in photo) shared their insights with members of the Independent PR Alliance at a luncheon on Feb. 4.

Included in the trends discussed were fundamental changes in communications during the past few years and the continuing convergence in communications, where the various communications disciplines are working to claim social media under their areas of expertise.

As it relates to PR, stated Capitol Communicator, the profession is in the midst of fundamental change, with traditional tools – such  as developing relationships with the traditional media – changing as a result of fundamental media shifts and the growth of social media. In addition, PR professionals will have to start thinking like marketers and focus on ROI, which will become the common language of the communications community.

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