Marketers are the adrenaline junkies of the working world. Quick deadlines and fast-moving campaigns? No sweat. Disruptive new technologies and trends? Not a problem.

As much as marketing and communications teams thrive on change, the highest performers manage the chaos and drive value by becoming agile. With this, more teams have taken an Agile marketing approach to manage their work.

What is Agile Marketing?

More than a buzzword, Agile Marketing is a method to manage work flow for communications professionals that draws on Agile software development practices and values. Agile marketers use methodologies like Scrum, Lean and Kanban to enhance team focus, support greater transparency and adaptability, and deliver products and services faster.

Kanban, a popular management method for many Agile marketing teams, streamlines the fluid, unpredictable nature of day-to-day work. With Kanban, teams limit work in-progress and visualize outcomes to manage and improve flow.

Silverline and Excella: Kanban in Action

At Excella, we’ve coached and trained software and IT teams in Agile for many years, and recently we’ve started to work with marketing and communications organizations.

Last year, Excella partnered with Tysons Corner-based Silverline Communications to transform their marketing and communications agency. Silverline wanted a management system to provide greater stability and manage multiple priorities for their busy clients. They found it in Kanban.

“I love that Kanban marries the art of marketing and the science of process. Knowing our capacity, having a clear sense of our billable utilization, seeing our workflow every day – it gives me confidence in our process and has allowed us to increase our ability to bring on new clients. Kanban has had a huge impact on our ability to grow as a company and team.” – Laura Taylor, Silverline President and Founder

 To learn more about Silverline’s transformation, read the case study here.

Excella’s Kanban for Marketing Training

For marketing teams that want to predict the unforeseen, increase delivery speed and become even more adaptable, Excella is offering the Kanban System Design (KMP I) for Marketing Teams on Thursday, June 14 – Friday, June 15 at Excella’s Arlington training and events center, the Arlington Tech Exchange. This interactive, two-day class introduces the Kanban method for marketing and communications professionals to increase value for their customers.

For more information and to register, visit

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  1. Jessie Newburn

    Love this idea! What an excellent class you’ve structured! I’ve been in marcom for years and in so many ways feel that our work never ends. There’s always more to do… especially with the explosion of technologies and options in the last decade or so. What a great service this class is to our industry and profession.

  2. eTCS

    Definitely a breakthrough approach in digital marketing! I’ve experienced benefits of Agile implementation in a web app & mobile app development, but in marketing Kaban- agile approach will surely keep teams in tune towards the goal…


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