There is a kickstarter set for “Ad Quest”, a game where you are “the advertising creatives.” According to the website: “Your goal is to make it from Briefing to Book Piece and put together the best overall Portfolio. To get there, you’ll power through each phase of the advertising process: Concepting, Client Reviews, Testing, Production, and Post-Production.

“Along the way, you’ll encounter the kind of advertising situations that play out on a daily basis, from client feedback to rogue directors. You’ll be pestered with menial tasks like deck building and timesheets. Sometimes, you’ll catch a break and actually make progress. Sometimes.

“Wild cards give you a chance to make moves. They’re the big, career-altering scenarios that it takes to get ahead. This is your secret weapon.

“When you finally make it to the Book Piece, you’ll roll to determine its value. The best portfolio wins, if there is such a thing in advertising.”

You can find out more here.

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