In a survey of local TV news producers by leading satellite media tour and virtual event production firm D S Simon Media, 85% of respondents said they plan to continue using Zoom to conduct interviews even after the pandemic ends.

“During the pandemic, we’ve seen a significant increase in local TV news producers’ willingness to interview spokespeople who work directly for a brand or non-profit,” says Douglas Simon, CEO at D S Simon Media, which conducted the survey.

“What this tells us is stations have adapted to the increased access new technologies have given them to provide information for their viewers and it will continue. It’s a huge opportunity for brands to get their message out.”

The survey also found that 93% of stations were open to conducting interviews with brand or non-profit spokespeople in their homes, offices or on location; 52% were open to conducting the interview in a client-provided studio location and 37% were open to having the spokesperson come to the station for the interview.

“These are the highest numbers we’ve ever seen,” states D S Simon Media.

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