There’s a ton of buzz right now around Snapchat, the 5-year-old social media site that recently filed for an initial public offering, reports Media Life, which added:

“It’s inarguably the hot property among young people, with teens favoring the site over more established rivals such as Facebook and Twitter.

“And Snapchat has been wooing advertisers with new plans and programs, while touting its incredibly engaged audience, who check in an average 18 times per day.

“But there’s one big problem with the love fest. It appears those who advertise on the site may not be connecting with users.

“A new study from Fluent, an online marketing platform, finds that 69 percent of Snapchat users skip the ads that flow into their feeds.

“What’s more, that number is even higher among adults 18-24, 80 percent of whom skip through Snapchat ads.”

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