One of the last places you’d expect to see 13th century Venetian explorer Marco Polo would be in a pool with a bunch of kids during a round of the modern-day water game Marco Polo, states a piece in Adweek.

The Adweek item, in part, added:

“But that’s exactly where he appears in (Chevy Chase, Md-based) Geico’s latest goofy commercial from (Richmond-based) The Martin Agency, which juxtaposing the surprise of the off-kilter visual gag with the obviousness of what the the insurer emphasizes as its competitive edge—lower rates for consumers.

“The theme of the new mini-campaign is, “It’s not surprising.”

“In the spot, the famous traveler stands, in full period garb, chest deep in a backyard pool, completely baffled while a handful of children swim around him yelling “Marco” and “Polo.” His ineffectual attempts to bridge the gap are entertaining enough.

“”Excuse me,” he says in Italian, “I am Marco Polo.” Alas, it’s to no avail.”

(Adweek photo.)

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  1. Arun s

    I went to the store yesterday to return/exchange an item that turned out to out to be defective. Surprisingly there were 3 people (2 gals and a guy) in attendance. “How can we help?” they inquired of me.
    I threw the receipt down on the desk and showing them the item, I repeated from the commercial quoting Marco Polo.
    It took all the restraint I could summon to keep from bursting out as the two gals quizzically looked at each other. One blurted out” Not sure what the bloke is saying, I’m English y’know.” Then they looked at the guy and he said ” Wait a minute….I’ve heard that line before!”
    At that point I cracked up and told them I was messing with their minds. Then they al burst out laughing and were more than glad to help. They said that was the high point of their day and for me to come back soon “Marco”! Haahahaha I said I would but with the Lama next time.


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