Marriott International Inc. is introducing a media network with Yahoo Inc. that will help advertisers target consumers, in part by using the hotel chain’s data on its guests, to bring them ads on places such as the hotel’s websites and, eventually, on the TV sets in their rooms, reports the Wall Street Journal.

According to WSJ, “Marriott Media Network comes as the marketing industry is developing new ways to reach consumers amid a wave of privacy changes, including a plan by Alphabet Inc.’s Google to block third-party cookies in its Chrome browser. Brands and ad sellers are increasingly looking to use “first-party data”—information they collect themselves in the course of direct consumer interactions, instead of taking it from third parties—to target ads.

“And a growing range of businesses are building media networks that incorporate their own data on their customers.” As examples, WSJ states that Walmart Inc. lets advertisers use its data to send targeted digital ads to shoppers across the web, for example. In addition, DoorDash Inc., Kroger Co. and CVS Health Corp. have also been offering advertisers ways to reach consumers using retailer data.

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