Measured Results Marketing is excited to be speaking at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit on April 26 and wants to gear their session towards your biggest marketing automation pain points. What would you like to hear about the most? Please provide them with feedback by taking this one-minute survey:

“In the world of B2B marketing, delivering the elusive marketing ROI has been a frustrating hunt, states Measured Results Marketing, which added that all you hear “is we need more qualified leads, more sales opportunities, and more closed-won business, but no one has a trail map or a stash of Whatchamacalits®. Our experience began with the inception of marketing automation, when digital marketing only meant email, SEO was just getting inbound links and when clicks in Google cost less than ten cents. We’re not old, we’re 25 plus some shipping and handling fees.”

The annual Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit DC is the not-to-be-missed, full-day event for advertising, marketing and communications professionals in the greater D.C. region.  You can find more about the future of marketing here.

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