It’s not the happiest new year at social publishing platform Medium, reports TechCrunch, which added that according to a blog post from its CEO Ev Williams, also co-founder of Twitter, “the well-funded startup is laying off 50 employees in non-engineering roles and shuttering its offices in New York and Washington, D.C.

“Williams took the rosiest possible angle on changes happening at Medium, titling his announcement about the layoffs “Renewing Medium’s focus.” In the post, the CEO explained that the layoffs are happening as part of a broader plan to shift Medium’s business model.

“Primarily, the company is trying to avoid repeating what other blogging platforms have done, encouraging publishers or authors to focus on reach and page views to generate advertising revenue, rather than encouraging them to focus on quality information and storytelling.

“Medium’s competition includes social networks used by publishers and individual creatives to distribute their work, and other blogging platforms like the 800-lb. gorilla in this space, Automattic’s WordPress, as well as Facebook, and companies closer to Medium’s age, like Patreon, the blogging-meets-crowdfunding platform where creatives get paid directly by subscribers before publishing a news feature, web comic or anything else online.”

Of note, stated TechCrunch, Medium has raised $132 million in venture funding.

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