Baltimore-based digital agency Mindgrub announced that it has hired 21 new employees since June, bringing the total number of hires during 2016 to 38.

The technology innovation company has added expertise to the following teams: Web & Mobile Development, Front-End Development, Creative & Design, Digital Marketing, User Experience, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Internal Marketing and Human Resources.

The new hires include Vice President of Software Engineering Jason Perry; Production Owner & Architect Christopher Airey; Senior Project Manager Angela Kanzaki; Senior Project Manager Jaclyn Russell; Special Ops Sean Pennington; Lead Software Engineer Mario Moorehead; Design Lead Kaitlin Bensley; Front-End Software Engineer Garrett Levy; Front-End Software Engineer Marley Bross; and Marketing & Events Specialist Allyson Sprague.

Also, Digital Marketing Lead Jordan Zelesnick; Software Engineer Justin Rokisky; Project Manager Rachel Verhaaren; Quality Assurance Tester James Smith; Associate Mobile Engineer Constantin Koehler; User Experience Associate Justin Scruggs; Associate Software Engineer Wesley Weitzel; Associate Software Engineer David Corderman; Associate Designer Ashley Espiritu; Marketing Associate Kayla Baines; and Associate Software Engineer Zion Hadley.

“We are excited to have such amazing talent on board with us at Mindgrub. In addition to our already awesome staff, our new hires will be key to reaching our goals in 2017,“ said Mindgrub CEO and founder, Todd Marks.

With approximately 90 employees and satellite offices in Boston, NYC, Philadelphia, and D.C., Mindgrub creates custom mobile, social, web apps and digital marketing campaigns for enterprise brands, industry leaders and educational organizations.

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