Mobile fraudsters are “impressively” stealing your ad budget, and you likely don’t even know it, reports Adweek.

The Adweek post added: “These grifters have evolved their trade faster than prevention capabilities can keep up and have turned ad tech into their unwitting accomplices. Ad buyers are losing this arms race, and the bigger your budget, the bigger a target you are. The potential heist, according to Forrester’s projections: $20 billion of budgets this year alone.

“These nefarious groups know the soft spots to exploit in the revenue chains, invent new methods to cloak their activities at scale and understand how to use your individual campaign requirements against you. The 2019 mobile fraudsters are now well-organized companies that flood your data feeds with garbage that looks great, which in turn keeps even advanced buyers incorrectly yearning for more. That’s some remarkable trickery.

“Let’s illuminate several critical types of mobile fraud and discuss actionable tactics to protect your budget, data and business. This will equip you with strategic understanding, in plain English, to address the theft and damage that is likely being perpetrated on your advertising programs—right this minute.”

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