The mobile internet has expanded the amount of time people spend consuming media each day, reaching an average of 479 minutes, and this number is projected to reach 495 minutes a day by 2021, according to Zenith’s latest Media Consumption Forecast, reports MediaPost’s Agency Daily,

The Agency Daily post states: ““Mobile internet technology has expanded both the amount of time people spend with media, and what counts as media,” says Jonathan Barnard, head of forecasting, Zenith. “Media now means comparing prices on the high street, sharing jokes with friends and booking your next holiday, opening up new opportunities for brands to connect with consumers.”

“Television remains the biggest medium globally, projected to attract 167 minutes of viewing each day in 2019, though Zenith predicts it will fall to 165 minutes a day by 2021.

“This attention is likely being grabbed by the Internet. Zenith expects the average amount of time people around the world spend accessing the mobile internet to rise from 80 minutes daily in 2015  to 130 minutes this year,  averaging 13% growth a year.

“Annually, consumers will spend 800 hours using their mobile internet devices this year, which will increase to 930 hours, or 39 full days, by 2021.”

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