Millennials spend more time on mobile than they do watching live TV, and TV’s big advantage among adults 35-49 is shrinking, reports Media Life Magazine, which added:

“That’s according to a new report from comScore, which examines cross-platform media consumption.

“It finds that smartphone usage has not simply grown over the past three years. It’s actually doubled.

“In that same period, tablet usage is up 26 percent, while desktop usage is down 8 percent.

“Interestingly, time with smartphones doesn’t seem to be replacing desktop – it’s not shrinking fast enough to draw that conclusion. Instead, smartphones offer people additional time on the internet when they wouldn’t have otherwise been going online, such as when they’re out of the house or watching television.

“The study found the average person spends two hours and 51 minutes a day on mobile. Per month, that translates into more than a trillion minutes of smartphone usage across America.

“ComScore notes that’s roughly double the usage for desktop at its peak.

“Mobile now accounts for 70 percent of all digital media time.”

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