The National Press Club is working with Howard University Hospital to help feed front-line healthcare workers who put their own health at risk to help save lives every day. The Help The Heroes program recognizes the heroic work done by healthcare workers during the pandemic.

“We have a culinary team that can produce and package many high-quality meals every day,” said NPC Executive Director Bill McCarren. “As hospital workers need meals when they are on a break or the end of shift, we will be there for them. Their own health starts with convenient and steady access to good food. We have developed Help the Heroes – for those front line healthcare workers who are saving patients. We know this city and its business community will support this program with funding that will sustain its success throughout the pandemic. Our clients at the Press Club know what a good job we do for them. We know they will be eager to help us use those talents to assist the medical team at Howard,” said McCarren.

“The mantra, ‘feed the fight’ against COVID-19 is a community-led effort with organizations like the National Press Club stepping up to the plate to support front line caregivers through its Help The Heroes program,” said Anita L.A. Jenkins, CEO, Howard University Hospital. “Your gracious donations in the form of nutritious meals have been a blessing to our hard working staff and serves as a testament to the immediate impact you have made, assisting healthcare workers in their fight against the coronavirus. On behalf of Howard University Hospital, we thank you for your gratitude and continued support during these unprecedented times. The Help The Heroes program is a great platform, serving an even greater cause.”

Corporations, non-profits and individual donors can fund the Help the Heroes program by making a pledge or making a donation online.

The Club estimates it needs about $45,000 a month to cover food, delivery and labor costs. “We estimate this program will be needed until there is a vaccine,” said McCarren. “So, our goal is to raise a total of $300,000 to cover the project.”

The National Press Club has nearly 3,000 members worldwide including leaders in journalism and public communications, and annually welcomes over 250,000 clients and guests for its banquet and restaurant services — including the nation’s leading corporations.

“We expect to receive strong contributions from our Press Club community to fulfill this project,” McCarren said. “This virus disproportionally impacts people of color, so we think it is vital to partner with communities at greatest risk. With your help, together we can make that happen. Help us now – help make a difference.”

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