After more than 60 years at 4001 Nebraska Avenue, NW, in D.C.,  NBC News moved to a new facility in Washington, D.C, just steps away from Capitol Hill. Though the majority of our employees continue to work remotely, an NBC News email to the staff said they “look forward to soon debuting our new state-of-the-art studios and workspaces.”

According to Newscast Studios,  the staff email provided memories of the old facility, including the following:

“From the building’s main studio came the second of the Nixon-Kennedy debates, moderated by Frank McGee. David Brinkley anchored his portion of The Huntley-Brinkley Report here. And Ned Brooks invited a young Fidel Castro to the studio for Meet the Press. The medium’s longest-running television program will soon originate from a studio on the ground floor of 400 North Capitol.

“Nebraska Avenue was also the first TV address of the Muppets, long before they relocated to Sesame Street.

“What we remember most, though, is the people who made it run, well over 1,000 producers, editors, technicians, photographers, and others who brought the news to television and computer screens — and to radios for half the time the bureau was here — for the past 22,750 days.”

More memories here.

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