WORKSHOP Washington, a new public affairs and communications venture that, states a release, “delivers fast, efficient access to the brainpower of senior strategists, has been launched by D.C. public relations executive Bess Winston and political operative Maurice Daniel.”

The release adds that “WORKSHOP is a new concept and an alternative to traditional agency models. It provides businesses, associations, nonprofits and other organizations access to its Experts-in Residence—a network of communications, public affairs and fundraising practitioners who serve as thought partners for clients and join them in facilitated sessions to identify solutions and strategies to address a specific problem or challenge.

“The WORKSHOP Experts are former award-winning journalists, executive alumni from top communications agencies, senior policy staff and strategists from Capitol Hill, the Executive Branch and elsewhere who are now in private consulting practice. They have been behind some of the biggest and most influential public relations campaigns and public affairs initiatives.

“The hallmark of WORKSHOP is its ability to act quickly and decisively with clients to “unstick” whatever is “stuck” through a single session or short series of half- or full-day workshops. Clients turn to WORKSHOP to refine messages or brand narratives that lack luster, for gut checks on outreach or media strategy, for fast counsel in the heat of a crisis, and more.

““We created WORKSHOP after realizing that clients sometimes just want help calling the right play; they are not necessarily interested in investing in an entire playbook,” said Winston, a 25- year PR practitioner and Managing Director of the Winston Agency, a boutique corporate communications firm in Washington, D.C.

“WORKSHOP’s co-founder Daniel, a veteran of national political campaigns and a corporate public affairs specialist, said “WORKSHOP offers clients a streamlined approach that delivers the same quality of communications advice relied on by the largest players in Washington without all of the accompanying overhead costs.””


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