The Washington Post has launched a new ad product that, stated The Post, “allows advertisers to deliver a unique content experience to audience segments on and off The Post platform. Using proprietary technology, “PostPulse” is a promotional unit that pulls in Post editorial content around a certain topic as well as a brand’s message. The data-driven technology, called Clavis, then identifies users that would be interested in that content and recommends an experience that’s most relatable to them.

““Every marketer wants to align their brand with valuable content. With PostPulse, we’re not only surfacing relevant, quality content, our mobile-first approach lets us to deliver the best experience to the right audience on any device. We’re providing a powerful, unique experience at greater scale to both advertisers and users,” said Jarrod Dicker, The Post’s director of ad product and engineering and head of RED, a team dedicated to ad research experimentation and development.

“In a highly-designed, clearly-labeled ad, PostPulse features relevant Post content selected by the advertiser, client branding and a brand’s logo at the footer. Mobile users will see a carousel of editorial recommendations. When users click on content within the PostPulse ad, they will be driven to a Post article that the advertiser sponsors.

“The PostPulse module follows the user throughout the experience, recommending relevant and interesting content to the user in the right rail of article pages. Clavis enables advertisers to target users based on their interests, and when combined with The Post’s audience extension network WP+, allows brands to reach users on and off The Washington Post across platforms.”

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