The National Rifle Association’s longtime advertising and public relations firm ended its relationship with the Fairfax, VA-based NRA, amid a legal battle related to spending and governance at the gun-rights lobby, reports Bloomberg.

The Bloomberg report added that the firm, Ackerman McQueen Inc., which is based in Oklahoma City, said that it would cease working with the NRA after 38 years because “the NRA’s chaos led us to lose faith” in the group.

According to Bloomberg, “The breakup comes after the NRA sued Ackerman McQueen in April, claiming it refused to provide details of its employment contract with Oliver North, who also served as the unpaid NRA president. North had previously raised questions about spending by the NRA’s executive vice president and chief executive officer, Wayne LaPierre. North was then ousted during the NRA’s annual meeting. The ad agency has denied withholding information about North’s contract and counter-sued.”

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