More than 400 New York Times staffers in NYC participated in a walkout to show solidarity with colleagues from the newspaper’s copy desk, which is facing cuts.  Participants walked one block uptown on Eighth Avenue before ending up at the Times’ West 41st Street entrance, where the remainder of the event took place, reported Adweek, which added:

“Slogans including “They say cutbacks, we say fight back,” and “no editors, no peace” were chanted off-and-on for roughly 15 minutes.

“Staffers held up signs with a variety of phrases, including “Our editors make The Times, The Times”; “Keep photo editors in the picture”; “This sign wsa not edited” (intentionally misspelled); and “Invest in us.”

“The paper has offered buyouts to a number of editors this month, including Liz Spayd, who was named public editor in May 2016 and was supposed to remain in the role until 2018, but instead was let go in early June. Despite today’s passionate, well-attended walkout, more cuts are most certainly on the horizon.”

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