ICX Media, Inc., which bills itself as a next generation multi-platform distribution and marketing intelligence engine for independent content creators, is expanding its operations into New York City, which it considers a critical market for creators, brands, agencies and media companies. “This is the ‘Age of the Creator’ and a good portion of that ecosystem, from media companies to brands, agencies and content creators are physically in NYC,” said Michael Avon, CEO and co-founder of ICX Media, Inc.

PR consultant Edward Segal has returned to D.C. after a 15-year absence in California where he was communications director, government affairs director and chief executive officer of REALTOR® associations in Marin County and Los Angeles. Segal owns the domain name PublicRelations.com, which he is using for his recently launched website to promote his consulting, spokesperson training and presentation skills coaching services. Before leaving D.C., he was senior media relations consultant for Ogilvy Public Relations and previously served as a vice president of Earle Palmer Brown Public Relations. Segal launched his consulting firm in 1990.

Barbara Semedo joined Pew Charitable Trust’s communications team working with the environment program group supporting the U.S Ocean Policy projects with a focus on federal fisheries policy. She will manage three communications officers who support Pew’s oceans work in the New England/Mid-Atlantic region; the Southeast/Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Northwest regions.

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