Aaron Myers was furious when he heard that Joe Ricketts, the billionaire chief executive of the company that owns D.C. local news blog DCist, had abruptly shuttered the site after employees voted to unionize, reports The Washington Post,  which added that “he bought the DCistNow.com domain name and on Monday launched a local news blog of his own.

“In the site’s introductory post, he was critical of Ricketts’s decision to close DCist, and he described his site as an effort to fill the void. He hopes to recruit DCist’s former reporters to write for his new site and eventually pay them as freelancers.

““It was (and is) my goal to have a community resource (blog) that is based in DC, that will be a consistent source of quality information filled with innovation, integrity, and that same investigative spirit that I believe the DCist and many other blogs possess,” Myers wrote. “I do not take kindly to outsiders trying to disrupt my home.”

“Ricketts does not appear to have the same enthusiasm for Myers’s idea. On Wednesday Partridge Partners, an intellectual property law firm representing DCist’s parent firm DNAinfo, contacted Myers requesting that he cease and desist.

“In a Nov. 8 letter reviewed by The Washington Post, the firm admonished Myers against “adopting any name or mark that is composed of the components “DC” and “IST” in any form or combination.”

““DNAinfo has acquired substantial goodwill in its DCIST trademark and actively promotes that goodwill,” the letter reads. “Your use of the Domain Name and ‘DCist Now’ is anticipated to cause confusion, mistake and deception with DNAinfo and its DCIST name and mark in violation of U.S. trademark law.”

“The letter said Myers’s blog may also violate the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, a 1999 law that concerns deceptive domain names. The firm said Myers may be liable for $100,000 in damages not including attorneys’ fees.”

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