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Capitol Communicator has a post that Ad Age states brands demand stronger AI safeguards in their contracts with ad agencies.

“Paradigm-shifting” change ahead for media and advertising, states Inside Radio

by | Mar 19, 2024

The media and advertising industries are on the precipice of a paradigm-shifting change, reports Inside Radio.

The IR post states: “Generative AI is expected to alter most every aspect of the business, experts say. Key is how organizations use it as a strategic solution to create solutions for advertisers and audiences.

“Doing that requires an AI strategy. And the clock is ticking at warp speed. It took ChatGPT just two months to reach 100 million users, faster than Netflix (10 years), Gmail (5 years) and Instagram (2.5 years).”

According to the Inside Radio post: “Industry advisor, author, and corporate transformation coach Charlene Li says once workers see how this technology can help them do their job better, they get on board. “When people have the power of this incredible engine and tool in their hands and they realize how much their job could be changed, they suddenly come back and say, ‘I can do this in a completely different way. Why isn’t my organization on top of this, why don’t I have the training and the tools, and more importantly, how can I be a part of this,’” she said.”

In addition, Li offered the following. “The limits right now are not bounded by technology, the tools or even by our skills and capabilities. It is only bounded by our imagination. Think big, start small, and move as fast as you can. You have to be prepared to leave your comfort zone.”

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