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Capitol Communicator reports that Paul Duning, publisher, launched a website featuring his work with photography, sculpture and mixed media.

Pivot, not really, the “demic” just made time for me to do something I always wanted to do

by | Feb 12, 2022

By Paul Duning, publisher, Capitol Communicator

We have been overwhelmed by this “demic” thing for a long time. I don’t like even mentioning the name because it has just taken up so much emotional energy over the past couple of years. So far, I consider myself fortunate because those closest to me, my family, have all stayed healthy. However, I’ve lost some good friends, with the most recent just a couple of weeks ago.

I think we all can remember when we first felt like we were in a lockdown. My date was Sunday, March 15, 2020. I was visiting my mother in Tennessee for what ended up being the last time. She was in failing health from Alzheimer’s disease and I was concerned, given the news that was developing, that we may go into lockdown which would prevent me from visiting her again. On March 16,  I flew back to D.C. just before the airlines started their lockdowns.

Over the course of weeks that turned into months and then years I, as many, experienced fear, precariousness and loss. Business was disrupted, I felt out of control (I don’t like that), I lost some friends from COVID and lost my Mom (not from COVID). There were also joys with the biggest joy becoming a granddad.  But the coronavirus  and all we have gone have gone through over the last two years has also been an impetus for me – and I hope others – to also focus on the future  and do the things I had been putting off.

So, I’ve launched Paul Duning Fine Art. Capitol Communicator is still very much in my daily life but I finally took action on committing to a passion I have had for years and that is my work with photography, sculpture and mixed media.

To celebrate the launch, I am giving away an 18 X 24 archival ink print on museum-quality canvas stretch on a frame and ready to hang. The work is called “The Spring Bell Tolls”. It is of photographic elements taken from a 100 year+ old bell in Georgetown’s Oak Hill Cemetery. During the late winter and early spring of the demic I enjoyed taking walks there. I ended up capturing several images that are on my website.

To enter the giveaway visit: https://www.paulduning.com/new-website-giveaway. The drawing will take place on Monday, February 28. I would like to take this opportunity to make a shout out to Design Army for their branding work on my new logo and mark.

In closing, Capitol Communicator wants to hear from you. Many of you have stories about how you filled the vacancies and confinement created over the past two years and h0w the demic caused you to look forward to doing the things you have been putting off doing.

Please help us to share your stories with our readers You can submit your stories to our D.C., Richmond and Northern VA editor [email protected] or our Baltimore and Annapolis editor [email protected].  The feature artwork for our posts is 750 X 400 and any artwork that goes into the body of the story should be no more than 750 wide.


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