“PR’s Got Talent,” the world’s first industry-wide variety show, will be presented over CommPRO.biz, on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 30, 6–7:30 pm. Hosted by Peppercom’s Steve Cody and Con Agra’s Jon Harris, the broadcast will be streamed for free throughout the Americas.

The show will feature a dozen of PR’s most beloved, respected and talented professionals, performing stand-up, dance, rock music, vocals, classical music, storytelling, baking and magic presented by D.C.’s Danny Selnick.

In addition to cheering on the contestants, the show is designed to show support for the Museum of Public Relations. Donations, all tax deductible, will support the ongoing operations of the Museum, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational institution, which will soon be celebrating its 25th anniversary.

The panel of judges includes: 
Roger Bolton, president, Page 
Tina McCorkindale, PhD, APR, President & CEO, the Institute for Public Relations
Kim Sample, President, the PR Council 
Dr. Rochelle Ford, Dean, the Elon University School of Communications
Bill Imada, CEO, IW Group

Register to watch the show at https://bit.ly/3l1TkBY

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