Among PRSA Richmond’s 2016 strategic initiatives is a commitment to creating “an inclusive and welcoming environment that cultivates a diverse and collaborative membership reflective of our industry and community.”

According to the chapter, “As a collective body, we all have a stake in creating a welcoming and diverse environment. Research demonstrates that diverse organizations generally perform better financially, are more competitive and creatively outpace their counterparts. Visit any coffeehouse, food cart, museum or park in Richmond and the elements of a vibrant, diverse and growing city is evident. PRSA Richmond is and should continue to be reflective of this diverse environment.

“The greatest resource of any organization is people. Each member’s race, gender, age, culture, sexual orientation, ethnicity and other characteristics provide rich soil for PRSA Richmond’s and our region’s continued growth. In order to provide more diverse programs, special interest groups and other resources, the support and buy-in of all members is essential.”

To learn more, contact Cletisha Lovelace, diversity committee chair, at

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