D.C.-based public relations consultant Edward Segal, author of a forthcoming book on crisis management, said that because of the coronavirus crisis,  the publisher will move up release of the book from June to next month.

Paperback and e-book editions of Crisis Ready: 101 Ways to Prepare for and Bounce Back from Disasters, Scandals, and Other Emergencies, can now be pre-ordered on Amazon at this link: https://amzn.to/2qTbCfi

“I wrote the book to help companies and organizations deal with COVID-19 and any other crisis,” Segal said.

According to a release, “Segal’s new book is based on the premise that it’s not a matter of IF a scandal or crisis will hit, it’s WHEN. How a company deals with it will have lasting impact on their reputation, profits, and more. But for most organizations, when a crisis hits, they’re caught off guard and ill-prepared.

“Crisis Ready is for CEOs, senior staff, corporate communication professionals, HR and legal teams, boards of directors, and front-line employees who need to know what to do in the moment: what levers to pull and what moves to make in real time when faced with a crisis, scandal, or disaster.

“This book is written with the need for speed in mind. It’s concise and practical with a light touch and occasional humor to help people on the front lines prepare for, survive, and bounce back from a crisis.

“Crisis Ready includes dozens of anecdotes, stories, and lessons about how companies, organizations, and individuals – ranging from Amazon, Apple, and the European Union, to Disney, Starbucks, and entrepreneur Elon Musk – have prepared for, created, managed, and communicated about crisis situations.”

For more information, visit GetCrisisReady.com. Contact Segal at 415-218-8600 and edwardsegalcommunications@gmail.com.

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