Retired ABC7 News reporter and anchor Greta Kreuz died Saturday in Washington after an eight-year battle with lung cancer.

Kreuz joined D.C.-based WJLA in 1988 and anchored Good Morning Washington for seven years. According to ABC7,  “she covered a wide variety of beats for ABC7 — from education to transportation — and her depth of knowledge made her one of the market’s most versatile reporters.

“Her favorite topic, though, was religion. She covered the death and funeral of Pope John Paul II, the clergy sex abuse crisis, and, in 2013, she flew to Rome to cover the election of Pope Francis. Even after retiring, she returned to ABC7 as a guest anchor to cover Pope Francis’s 2015 visit to Washington.”

According to a 2020 story, she never smoked, ate a healthy diet “and was a runner, albeit “a bad runner,” she quips. She had a flourishing career as a Washington, DC-based TV reporter, but seven years ago, when she started to feel a mild pulling sensation in her sternum, she went to see her doctor. Her chest x-ray came back abnormalso her physician ordered a follow-up CT scan. Kreuz was about to go live for the six o’clock news in March of 2012 when she got the call. She was 55 and she was told she had lung cancer.

“Kreuz’s diagnosis was far from anomalous. For reasons that are not clear, women who have never smoked develop lung cancer at far higher rates than male non-smokers. As many as 20 percent of people who die from lung cancer in the U.S. have never smoked or used other types of tobacco, according to the American Cancer Society.”

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