PRSA has launched a new agency, professional and resources search tool – dubbed Find a Firm –  powered by CommunicationsMatch™.

Fairfax-based RFP Associates, LLC, which partnered with CommunicationsMatch™ on the development of the PR industry’s first online RFQ/RFP tools, Agency Select™, expects to see a significant rise in interest and adoption of these integrated tools as a result.

“PRSA’s tools help clients search for agencies, professionals by industry and communications expertise, size, location, designations, diversity and much more,” said Robert Udowitz, Principal, RFP Associates. “Once clients have created shortlists, they then have the ability to create, send and compare customized targeted RFQs and RFPs to firms they are interested in working with.”

Designed to streamline the RFQ/RFP process for clients and agencies, RFP Associates and CommunicationsMatch™ successfully partnered with a large global financial services firm to use Agency Select™ to hire local market agencies. The simplicity and value of the approach was reflected in a time-sensitive search process conducted by one of America’s largest private companies to request and compare proposals in a matter of weeks.

“Our research shows the value of a thorough search process to PR outcomes,” added Udowitz.  PRSA’s new search and hiring tools promise to bring these benefits to more client organizations.”

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