In Roku’s latest effort to attract more traditional TV ad dollars, reports AdAge, “the company is introducing audience guarantees for advertisers buying commercial inventory on the over-the-top platform. While marketers had previously been able to measure campaigns that ran in streams of shows on Roku, they were unable to buy ad inventory based on the age and sex demographics that are the basis of traditional linear TV.

“Roku’s guarantees will be based on Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings and mean that advertisers won’t pay for audiences outside their targets, said Scott Rosenberg, senior VP-advertising, Roku.

“Roku sells video inventory across a couple of hundred channels available on its platfrom. Ad-supported programming accounts for half of the viewing on the top 250 most-watched channels on Roku, the company said.

“”As more consumers watch content on OTT platforms, marketers need to follow the audience,” Mr. Rosenberg said. “This will allow them to buy OTT the way they are used to buying traditional video.””

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