Rosemary Reed, president and owner of Double R Productions, LLC (Double R), a media company in Washington, D.C., since 1987 is forming a new company, Off the Grid! Reed’s Green Growers, LLC in Lincoln, Nebraska, reports the Lincoln Journal Star in southeast Nebraska.

According to the report: “Before she returned to her hometown of Lincoln, Reed was nominated and honored by Washington, DC’s Woman in Film & Video on their 40th Anniversary as one of “Filmmakers we Admire” WIFV-DC, the leading film and video organization in our nation’s capital, reached out to the film community to nominate colleagues they admire as media makers, advocates and mentors.

“Since this honor, Reed has moved to Lincoln, operating Double R remotely from her family farm right outside of Lincoln. Reed and her sisters, Alice Reed Dzerk, of Lincoln’s Parks and Recreation and Sunken Gardens fame and Julie Reed-Yeboah, of New York City’s Reed Yeboah Fine Violins, have now formed Off the Grid! Reed’s Green Growers, LLC (RGG) to promote a sustainable, “off the grid” farming operation with emphasis on hemp and hemp processing.”

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