Borrell Associates Inc., based in Williamsburg, VA, released a study measuring which social media platforms local ad agencies deemed to be “very” to “‘extremely’ effective” between April and June 2021.

While it was no surprise, states Digital News Daily, that Facebook (58%), YouTube (38%) and Instagram (36%) were in the top three slots, the findings also showed that “TikTok was fourth most-popular (28%) — rising above LinkedIn (27%), Twitter (20%), and the classic, local-centric Yelp (26%).

“The study was conducted with 701 local ad agencies across the country, of which half have less than 10 employees. Seventeen percent of these agencies are now using TikTok — “more than double” what Borrell saw in its survey conducted six months ago.

“TikTok is moving up in recognition and we’re keeping an eye on it,” says Corey Elliott, executive vice president of local market intelligence at Borrell. “It’s exciting to engage it because it’s a completely different ad model…you’re leaning on an algorithm.”

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