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Top Brands Discuss Trends You Need to Know at Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit Baltimore

by | Sep 23, 2018

The sixth annual Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit Baltimore to be held September 27 at the Pier 5 Hotel will feature thought leaders from some of the top brands in the region discussing trends you need to know to be successful in the months and years ahead. Sessions at this full-day event include:

  • Social Media: What’s Ahead for 2019
  • March Madness: How UMBC Social Media Stole the Show
  • SEO Now: The Latest Trends and Strategies
  • B2B Marketing: The Latest Strategies & Thinking
  • The Role of 3D VR + AR: Marketing Products That Don’t Yet Exist
  • Creative Directors Round Table
  • Conformity is Not the Answer, It is the Enemy. How to Design Powerful Brand Experiences that Stand Apart in a Sea of Similarity
  • The Creative Curve: How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time
  • Customer Centricity: The Marketing Imperative
  • Conversational Growth Strategy: Why You Need to Pay Attention to ChatBots Now
  • Snackable, Edutaining & Socially Conscious: Strategies for Marketing to Gen-Z
  • Social and Digital Insights from McCormick & Co
  • From National to Local: Scaling a National Brand Through Social Media to Effectively Engage at the Zip Code Level
  • Content Marketing: Staying Current and Relevant Amid the Noise
  • Where are the Jetpacks? Cultural Experience Marketing and the Digital Revolution
  • Hiring and Retaining Specialized Marketing Talent: The New Realities for Brands (and Job Seekers)

Speakers include:

  • Alia Kemet, Creative & Digital Strategy Director, McCormick & Co.
  • Molly Catalano, VP of Marketing & Communications, Five Guys
  • Suzanna Araujo, Manager, Talent Acquisition, Nestlé USA
  • Zach Seidel, Director of Multi-Media Communications, UMBC
  • Allen Gannett, CEO & Founder, Trackmaven
  • Patrick Merfert, Dir of Demand Generation, Storyblocks
  • Meredith Hemler, External Communications, AstraZeneca
  • Kelley Coleman Walton, Experiential Marketing, Under Armour
  • Brian Kagen, General Manager, Len the Plumber
  • Michelle Andres, SVP, Ravens Media
  • Josh Patterson, Senior SEO Director, Jellyfish
  • CPT Gary P. Ahrens, Sr Marketing Officer, Army National Guard
  • Tristin Bates, Internet Marketing, Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Ashley Dellavalle Jung, Co-Founder, Stella Valle
  • Olivia Witherite, Social Media Director, MASN/Orioles
  • Hunter Montgomery, CMO, Higher Logic
  • Debbie Shemony, VP Marketing & Communications, BBYO
  • Len Sullivan, Vice President, HighRock
  • Mack McKelvey, Founder/CEO, SalientMG
  • Dharma Pachner, Founder, Contrast & Company
  • Brad Meerholz, Design Director, SVP, and Partner, TBC
  • Lauren Glenn Manfuso, Content Marketing, CPA Global
  • Lynne Kingsley, VP, Marketing and Strategic Services, Ironmark
  • Erica Malanga, Social Media Manager, Visit Baltimore
  • Megan Fischer, Dir. of Integrated Marketing, Fors Marsh Group
  • Mike Gardner, EVP of Business Strategy, Three Seas
  • Teresa Schefer, Senior Recruiter, Creative Circle
  • Josh Greene, CEO, The Mather Group
  • Alexandra Anderson, Division Director, The Creative Group
  • Roger Hughlett, Senior Communications Manager, CompTIA
  • Jon Barnes, Director of Content Strategy, ADG Creative
  • Jess Brown, Group Creative Director, Planit
  • Wren Dillingham, Director, Glen Echo Group
  • Dan Schepleng, Founder and Creative Director, Kapowza
  • Eric Shutt, Founder, SummitX
  • Krystle Kopacz, CEO, Revmade
  • Sean Carton, Chief Strategist, idfive
  • Jeff Davis, Baltimore Editor, Capitol Communicator
  • Paul Sherman, CEO, Potomac Tech Wire
  • Paul Duning, Publisher, Capitol Communicator

For more information and to register visit: https://mamsummit.com

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