You can access free Wi-Fi at Starbucks without even buying a beverage but, states MediaPost, “now there’s a price: Your email address. The coffee chain is trying out that requirement.

““Starbucks is currently testing automated login to our Wi-Fi network at US company-operated Starbucks stores,” a spokesman confirms following media reports on the test. “We see this as an opportunity to form a deeper digital relationship with our customers by offering more convenient access to unlimited Wi-Fi and delivering more benefits in the form of email offers.”

“The spokesperson continues: “With just one login per device, customers who opt-in will be able to connect to the internet without having to register each time they enter a Starbucks store providing a seamless experience. Unlimited Wi-Fi will still be available to all customers, regardless of their participation, and those who do opt-in can expect to receive weekly emails with information about our stores, products and programs to enrich their Starbucks Experience.””

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