Modeled after the successful civic engagement program in Chicago, Mikva Challenge DC empowers youth to be informed and active citizens. Mikva helps students start a discussion around issues that impact their community and gives them the tools they need to create change in our democracy. With the help of AD2DC, Mikva Challenge DC’s new “Democracy is a verb” ad campaign inspires DC residents to invest in the next generation of youth advocates through volunteering and donations.

AD2DC built this campaign around student voices. Mikva DC’s Project Soapbox is a public speaking competition that encourages students to speak out about community issues. The compelling and personal speeches embody the spirit of Mikva DC’s mission and help anchor the campaign’s purpose. AD2DC recorded the Project Soapbox speeches and used that content to keep student voices at the center of this campaign.

Interviews were also conducted with students, community leaders and volunteers to produce a :15 and :30 video for social media, with a longer video explaining Mikva’s impact still in development. The video even identifies the long-term impact of Mikva through an interview with a volunteer who first engaged with Mikva as a student in the program.

Robyn Lingo, Executive Director of Mikva DC, shared her perspective about the importance of getting involved with Mikva. “In order to fully understand and be a part of the DC community, you must understand the experience of the youth that live here. Simply because everyone needs to be aware of the reality of other people’s lives. Attending a Mikva DC event automatically turns you into an ally for issues that are important to students,” she said.
The campaign is bringing this important mission to more people.

AD2DC has raised over $600 for the campaign to help amplify Mikva’s mission throughout DC in publications and social media.

You can learn more here.

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