An annual question advertisers ask is whether Super Bowl ads are worth the money.  Obviously, the answer depends on the product and the ability of an ad to generate sales, both in the short or long run .

But, there are some interesting facts worth considering regarding the Super Bowl, specifically, as the Stastati chart above shows, viewership is dropping; plus, one report states that ViacomCBS is charging $5.5 million for 30-second spots during Super Bowl 2021

Search Engine Journal has a report noting that a dozen brands are skipping Super Bowl LV, according to Jeanine Poggi of Ad Age.

  • Audi, which has aired 11 Super Bowl commercials, won’t be in the game this year.
  • Avocados From Mexico is breaking its six-year streak.
  • Coke is sitting out this year’s Super Bowl for the first time in 20 years.
  • Facebook plans to focus its efforts on the Grammy Awards.
  • Hyundai is also sitting out of the Super Bowl after running commercials in 12 of the last 13 games.
  • Kia, another regular automotive Super Bowl advertiser, has not yet announced its Super Bowl plans.
  • Little Caesars won’t return to the Big Game this year.
  • Olay also won’t bring its female-focused messaging back to the Super Bowl, after airing commercials in the last two games.
  • Pepsi-Cola will not run an in-game spot for its flagship cola brand this year, although Pepsi is still sponsoring the half-time show.
  • Pop-Tarts also won’t be part of the Big Game, after showcasing its pretzel flavored product in 2020.
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups won’t be part of the Big Game.
  • Sabra Hummus won’t return after making its debut last year.

Is there a fundamental shift underway in the way advertisers view the Super Bowl, given diminishing viewership, the current economic environment, and a shift to more measurable social media options? We won’t know until we see a list of those advertising in or around the 2022 Super Bowl.


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