Each year, states an Associated Press story, “Super Bowl ads offer a snapshot of the national psyche. Last year, just after President Donald Trump took office, ads offered themes of inclusion. Airbnb showed faces of different ethnicities with the copy “We all belong,” and Coke re-ran an ad featuring “America the Beautiful” sung in different languages.

“This year, following a year of heated debate over immigration, NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem and the #MeToo movement highlighting sexual misconduct, many Super Bowl advertisers are playing it safer by showcasing famous faces, focusing on inoffensive causes and trying to stand out with silly humor and stunts. Of course, a few are going straight for whatever will grab attention.”

Three D.C.-area communicators provided Capitol Communicator their thoughts about Super Bowl ad campaigns, and you can check out their insights below:

The Value of Super Bowl Ad Teasers: They Stir Up Social Media and Extend Shelf Life for the Spot” by Jim Lansbury, founder and Chief Creative Officer at RP3 Agency;

Ads to Advertise Super Bowl Ads: Maybe Not Such a Good Idea After All?“, by Matt Smith, founder-CEO of SmithGifford; and,

Super Bowl Advertising: Fourth and Long” by Bob Sprague, president & CEO of Yes&.

And, if you would like to see all the Super Bowl ads, click here.


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