Pepsi should have chosen a different slogan for its ads during this year’s Super Bowl, states NPR, which added that he company’s slogan “was “More than okay.” Well, not really. In fact, most of the high-priced commercials we saw between the football plays were just OK. They were so careful to avoid scandal and backlash they felt leached of originality or bite.

“That’s pretty much what Greg Lyons, Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo Beverages North America, predicted when (NPR) asked him last week what this year’s spots would look like: nothing controversial.

“”The Super Bowl is a time for people to enjoy themselves and enjoy the ads,” Lyons said, deftly avoiding direct mention of the elephant in this particular room — allegations that the NFL blackballed former quarterback Colin Kaepernick for his silent protests over social justice issues, leading to the hashtag #Imwithkap trending before the big game started.

“Super Bowl ad time was costly — CBS charged up to $5.3 million for each 30 seconds of time — so the commercials sidestepped anything that might offend. That left viewers with a lot of spots centered on emotional tributes to first responders and soldiers, artificial intelligence and robots acting out and awkward celebrity cameos.”

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