Baltimore’s TBC is partnering with the Baltimore-Maryland 2026 World Cup Host Organizing Committee to bring the 2026 FIFA World Cup to Baltimore.

“The city has one more cut to make in the final selection process – and it’s 100% achievable – but we need your excitement to be seen and heard by the FIFA selection committee,” according to TBC’s Howe Burch.

TBC created a video to support the campaign, narrated by TV host and Baltimorean Mike Rowe, who notes, “Baltimore knows what it’s like to be the underdog” and has always risen to the challenge.

Pro basketball player Baltimorean Angel McCoughtry and pro soccer player Marylander Oguchi Onyewu have been named Goodwill Ambassadors.

Efforts to bring the 2026 World Cup to Maryland have been in the works since 2017.

“There is no event out there that has the bandwidth to reach every corner of a community like the World Cup can, and our plan is to ensure all Baltimoreans get a chance to be engaged and impacted by this opportunity,” said Terry Hasseltine, executive director, Maryland Sports Commission. “It’s our time to seize the opportunity to put our city and state on the global map through the lens of the FIFA World Cup.”

The FIFA World Cup, which takes place every four years, is the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world. The 2026 World Cup will be jointly hosted by Canada, the United States and Mexico – the first time a World Cup has been shared by three host nations. The 2026 tournament will be the biggest World Cup ever held, with 48 teams playing 80 matches. Sixty matches will take place in the U.S., while Canada and Mexico will host 10 games each.

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