TEGNA Inc., based in Tysons, VA, entered into a definitive agreement with the Dispatch Broadcast Group to acquire, for $535 million in cash,  WTHR, the NBC TV affiliate and the #1 rated station in Indianapolis, IN, and WBNS, the CBS affiliate and the #1 rated station in Columbus, OH. TEGNA is also acquiring WBNS Radio (1460 AM and 97.1 FM), the leader in sports radio in Central Ohio among adults 25-54.

According to a release, both television stations are the dominant #1 station in their respective markets. WTHR serves Indianapolis, which is Indiana’s state capital and most populous city and the 28th largest television market in the United States. The city is home to major league teams and sports events like the Indianapolis 500, which air on NBC.

WBNS serves Columbus, Ohio’s state capital, which is the 34th largest television market and one of the fastest-growing large cities in the nation. WBNS will join TEGNA’s WKYC, the NBC affiliate in Cleveland, and WTOL, the CBS affiliate in Toledo, in serving audiences and advertisers in Ohio, a key political battleground state. Once the transaction concludes, TEGNA stations will serve two-thirds of all television households in Ohio.

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  1. Willard Congrove

    When you purchased the TV station your loyal TV10 WBNS viewers in Columbus, Ohio many of your viewers
    thought you were going to improve the station. The news portion with the addition of Yolanda was a positive move, the young lady on weekend does a nice job. Jerry Revis real life touch is missing, but you can’t replace longetivity. The weather team does an excellent job and seem to be very dedicated to their jobs! Your Sports team has become unacceptable. Dom’s game is no longer acceptable, he needs to cover Ohio State football and that is it, putting him in the studio he becomes a cheerleader for the group and not a news reporter; Preparation for Sports is terrible, plus Wall to Wall Sports has really went down hill when it can really be a great 1/2 hour of Sports information, Guests are good on occassion, a segment of where are they now, focusing on past OSU athletes, inside looks at other parts of OSU athletics,& other Sports; updated OSU academic All-Americans; When things are slow focus on High School athletes who excel in education and on the field. Is Dave still on the Sports Team? Having the news team reading the Sports on some weekend is so poor! Please give us a Sports Team as good as your Weather team. TY for your Time and I as well as others have hope you will make change

    • Kevin Knedler

      TOTALLY AGREE on the sports dept at WBNS ! It is a “clown show” compared to Channel 4 and Channel 6. And the Sports folks give the sports updates on those channels, not the news anchors. Wall to Wall sports became a joke anyway in the Summer months when they covered a local golf match. It is as if there has been a major budget cut and Dom is simply waiting to get his 40 years in before he leaves or is forced out. Add a third sports person and cut the weather crew back to three people. And speaking of weather, why isn’t Jeff Booth the Chief? He has weather credits showing with his name, just like the chief Meteorologists on the other Columbus stations. I have my own opinion but will keep the “politically incorrect” thoughts to myself. Come on Channel 10, you are not broadcasting at a level expected from a supposed Number 1 station .


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