A panel discussion about ad-blocking at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, showed just how high the tension is getting between advertisers, tech companies and ad blockers, reports Adweek.

The Adweek report, in part, added:

“Speaking to a packed room full of marketers, execs from Google, Shine, Nestle, AOL and Yahoo talked about why consumers use mobile ad blockers and what marketers can do to improve the quality of online ads. Much of the talk specifically revolved around mobile ad blocker Shine and how it is working with carriers to remove ads.

“Shine works with European carrier Three Group and Caribbean telco Digicel to power ad-blocking technology that consumers opt into. Unlike other blockers like AdBlock Plus, Shine does not “whitelist” specific publishers, meaning its technology blocks all smartphone ads.

“In the middle of the ad-blocking war are companies like Google, AOL and Yahoo that power millions of digital ads publishers rely on to make money.”

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