By Paul Duning, publisher of Capitol Communicator

I live in the District and frequently walk or bike around the sites we all take for granted.  In preparation for the inauguration of President Biden, I witnessed the fortressing of this city to become the most secure in the world. On my tours, I chatted with National Guard from all across the country. Many were in D.C. for the first time. The comment I heard over and over was that it is a beautiful city. Of course, I commented that they should come back when the fences are down and they can see how really beautiful it is. All of the guard men and women were very friendly. All the security professionals I spoke to, whether DC Police, Secret Service, private security, Park Rangers and more — I know I am missing  some— were very respectful. Yes sir, thank you sir, you’re welcome sir, may I help you sir. It was quite a positive experience given the circumstances. I felt very safe but solemn seeing our city as a fortress and a city without the people who give it life.  Hopefully, the beginning of a new era will bring back more than a semblance of the Washington we all love and cherish — and appreciate — more than ever.

















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