In our in-box on January 15, 2021, we received the following: Today is the very last BYT Weekend Guide/Best Weekend Bets EVER. (600+ total have been published up to now!!!) After fifteen years, we’re wrapping up BYT site content next week in conjunction with the Inauguration.

Brightest Young Things, better known as BYT, started out on founder Svetlana Legetic’s Myspace page in 2005. Its mission was to be a resource for discovery of the lesser-known side of DC. Over the years, it evolved into a media and events company and became a very popular resource for everything cool in content, events, arts and culture. BYT threw some of the most popular events such as the Bentzen Ball and the true-crime festival Death Becomes Us. BYT’s calendar was especially popular among millennials and was a very popular for happening among the LGBTQ community. The organization had expanded into New York City as well.

Per a letter from Svetlana: “On January 20th, after 40,000+ articles and almost a million photos by hundreds of bright, young contributors, 600+ Best Weekend Bets, 300+ events, 2000+ emails, 74,000+ tweets, 7600+ Instagram posts and 700,000+ uses of the #BYThings hashtag, we are closing the chapter for BYT content, and turning our attention to a project we’ve been transitioning into for two years now: Exactly Agency.”

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