BRINK is a creative digital agency who believes there is a lot of waste among marketing and communications agencies: waste in time, resources and opportunity. This is why the agency of record is becoming an endangered species and more innovative brands are building in-house content studios.  Agencies have to adapt to survive.

That is the our mission with the BRINKdown, a new monthly series that cuts the nonsense and examines the practical actions we should be taking to best serve our clients. The series is produced by BRINKa DC-based creative studio that connects art and technology to solve human problems. BRINK recently launched a unique lightweight content studio called the Social Studio, learn more at:

Episode 1, below, focuses on rapid content production. Content for social media should have three primary objectives: be rapid, be relevant and be compelling. Many marketing professionals intuitively understand this, yet there is often a disconnect between the thought and the execution. Crews are still too large, planning too lengthy and process too involved.

It’s time to embrace ultra-lean content production that doesn’t suck.

BRINK is a Capitol Communicator sponsor.

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