Even at 50 years old, The Martin Agency proved that Richmond, Virginia, is still a hotbed of creative innovation, stated AdAge in its listing of the agency in its 2016 Agency A-List.  “The shop proved as funny as even on Geico, with new ads featuring surprising cameos from Dora the Explorer and a kraken,” continued AdAge.

The AdAge report also stated:

“Most notably, the agency charmed awards judges and consumers alike with the fabulous “Unskippable” campaign, a welcome reminder that the best creative ideas can flourish in the most unlikely of places — including the dreadful world of online video advertising. It turned boring, everyday moments (like a famiy dinner, a backyard BBQ) into laugh-out-loud scenarios and captured viewers’ attention way past the 5-seconds that people are likely to spend on a pre-roll ad.

“The effort landed the agency the coveted Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Film as well as Ad Age’s first ever Campaign of the Year award. It also led to the shop’s most award-winning year in its 50 years.

“The agency also conceived one of our favorite do-good campaigns of the year, “Supreme Save the Date” for Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Tie the Knot. The integrated effort encouraged gay couples hoping to get married to bombard Supreme Court Justices with their wedding “Save the Date” notices, in an effort to convince them to vote in favor of marriage equality.

“Just before the vote, it culminated with a laugh-out-loud funny ad in which Mr. Ferguson played the Justices with comedic flair, including Elena “Ragin'” Kagan and Ruth “Notorious RBG” Ginsburg.””

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