Few brands can look back over a quarter-century and find a treasure trove of memorable advertising, reports The Martin Agency in Richmond, which added that even fewer “have been with the same agency that whole time. To celebrate this amazing history and the brand’s passionate following, we helped GEICO do something no advertiser had done before.

“We re-aired 10 of our best commercials spanning over 20 years. And ran them for 2 months straight at full media blast. Some were letterboxed. One even had a payphone in it.

“But wait, there’s more! We wanted fans to participate so we created a whole infomercial campaign about the campaign. The promo work encouraged fans to vote for their favorite GEICO ad on the microsite.

“You could even enter for a chance to appear in an upcoming GEICO ad. Stay tuned for the final chapter, coming to a screen near you this spring!”

GEICO is based in Chevy Chase, Md.

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