The Newseum in D.C. is closed but, Capitol Communicator was told, it’s examining a range of options to determine what’s ahead.  In fact, we were told that everything is an option.  While there are no firm plans for a new location, nor a timeline, it’s at the beginning of its next chapter to make sure the new Newseum is in touch with the times and the visitors it hopes to attract.  According to Sonya Gavankar, Director of Public Relations at the Newseum, nothing they owned has been given away, although some items may become part of travelling exhibits; but items loaned to the Newseum will be returned to the owners.

“We are just at the beginning of our next phase,” she added.

Looking back, the Newseum attracted 10 million visitors during its 12 years at its D.C. location between the U.S. Capitol and the White House on Pennsylvania Ave.  It was based in Arlington, VA, before relocating to D.C.

Gavankar shared with Capitol Communicator a number of social media comments from visitors reflecting on the Newseum’s closure:

Best Museum We have Been To in Years!

So sad that The Newseum is closing as it has so much to offer. This museum celebrates journalism and journalists but also highlights the Bill of Rights and how Freedom of the Press fits into the fabric of our nation. The combination of use of print media and video as well as exhibits is well done. There are daily front pages from newspapers all over the country and world which help to highlight how local and national news are emphasized on front pages in various locales. This really is a review of significant events in our country and how newspapers played a role. Just hope that the exhibits can be saved and somehow a new home can be found for this wonderful collection

Sorry to see the doors close

The loss of the Newseum is a real blow to the Washington, DC museum community. The education staff here is top notch. I always learn something here whether by myself, with family, or with students. I hope they will be able to find a new building soon so that there mission can continue full force.

The country/world needs this museum.

This museum is phenomenal. It’s saddening, inspiring, and funny. It can be emotionally heavy and isn’t always a feel good place but is worth a visit. It’s sad that it won’t be around much longer. The world, especially the US, needs to be reminded of a lot of the topics covered.

Visit Newseum before it closes on 12/31/19

On a recent trip to DC, my husband and I spent two days touring Newseum. We had both visited in 2015, and I had another opportunity to visit with a friend in 2018. Even so, we were amazed at how much more there was to see. So many exhibits had been updated or changed that we spent a solid six hours each day marveling at the breadth and genius of this fabulous museum. We watched many of the movies that we had skipped on previous trips, visited old favorite exhibits (like Berlin Wall, 911, FBI), and were thrilled with new exhibits (the LGBTQ exhibit and the Jon Stewart Exhibit, in particular).

We absolutely hate that the building and land have been sold to Johns Hopkins, and that most of the exhibits are going into storage until a new venue can be located. I think it says something about our priorities that a museum dedicated to the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights couldn’t make it financially in DC. We hope that the Newseum finds a new home quickly or sends its exhibits out on loan to museums around the country so that more people can experience the carefully curated treasure trove of artifacts in Newseum.

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